Equity Services


Guardian Equity Services was formed to meet the needs of today's fast paced lenders to supply title, appraisal and flood zone information. We deliver quality information at a fair price and in a timely manner. Many of Ohio's largest lenders put their faith in us every day to out-perform our competition.

We have been in business for over 55 years for one reason - we care about our customers. We want to be your business partner and will work hard to satisfy even the most demanding requests. We understand that we need to prove ourselves every day and we have been since 1962.

Guardian Equity Services is one of the most respected, solid performers in our industry since our founding. Our clients benefit from:

  • Seamless point of service to deliver your home equity needs in the quickest time possible, and at minimum cost.
  • Same day/next day turn-time on lien searches in many counties of our five-state area.
  • Ease of use for customers by allowing choice of order and delivery method (i.e. fax, e-mail, internet).
  • Lien search pricing can be customized to allow for a county by county fee structure allowing potential cost savings.
  • Access to various loan to value products to fit your budget and valuation needs by licensed vendors in Northeast Ohio.
  • Through Guardian Title & Guaranty Agency and Guardian Exchange Services our customers receive access to:

    • Residential title insurance and escrow transactions
    • Commercial title insurance and escrow transactions
    • 1031 Exchanges

Limited Lien/Current Owner Search

This product provides current owner information through an examination of the public records on the subject property. The report contains information regarding vesting, current tax information, open mortgages, liens, judgments, court records and a legal description. Mortgage recordation is available and includes a lien search update. This product is not title insurance, however it does carry a liability limit of up to $25,000 in the event Guardian Equity Services supplies you with incorrect or incomplete information and a loss is sustained as a result of our mistake.

Flood Certification

A determination of whether the subject property is located in a FEMA designated Special Flood Hazard Zone, including HMDA information. Additionally, the product can be ordered to provide an update for the life of the lender's loan, if changes occur due to updates by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Appraisal Services

From full FNMA appraisals to drive-bys, we offer a complete line of appraisal services. We provide full FNMA appraisals, 2055 short form appraisals, which include a walk through and a photo of the subject property, and a Property Value Analysis, commonly referred to as a "Drive By." Certified licensed contract appraisers prepare all of Guardian Equity's appraisal products. We carefully scrutinize our Appraisers by performing a thorough review on a sample of their work and complete reference checking.

Automated Value Module (AVM)

This product is a hedonic valuation model that bases valuations on recent sales and property characteristics. In arriving at a valuation, AVMs attempt to emulate the same procedures used by an appraiser in estimating property value. AVMs offer a reliable value in a matter of hours.