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HUD-1, Section 1100: Title Charges
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1101. Title Binder
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Insured Closing Protection ( Buyer ) ( $40.00 ) **
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HUD-1, Section 1201: Government Recording Charges
1202. Deed ( $28.50 )  
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Guardian Title & Guaranty Agency, Inc. provides this estimate as a complimentary service. It should not be relied on as a Good Faith Estimate of settlement charges. Actual charges may vary based on varying circumstances and requirements particular to each transaction. The fees and any proceeds are only an estimate and should not be construed as a commitment by Guardian Title & Guaranty Agency, Inc. For further information, please contact Guardian Title & Guaranty Agency, Inc. at (216) 898-4925 or toll free at (800) 688-4121.

Note: When endorsements are bundled the cost of the EPA endorsement drops to $50, and the Survey endorsement to $25 when issued along with a comprehensive endorsement.

* The Buyer(s) in this transaction may be credited with a percentage of the Owner's Title Insurance Premium at closing.

** The Buyers Insured Closing Protection is $40.00, but if it is purchased along with the Lenders Insured Closing Protection, the cost is reduced to $20.00.