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BEWARE! (of fraud)


The Friday before a holiday weekend represents an exponentially higher risk for falling victim to wire fraud. 

Fraudulent wire instructions are being sent to real estate agents, title companies and customers

 Using a previously known phone number, call the supposed sender of the email to authenticate the change request Ė donít call the number on the email and if they initiate a call, hang up and call them back using previously known phone number.

If you suspect fraud, immediately notify the financial institutions and escrow agent involved in the transaction

Contact your local law enforcement authorities, and file a complaint with the FBIís Internet Crime Complaint Center.


BE WARY of free, web-based email accounts; they are easily hacked.

As well as text messages you receive with redirecting links.

ALWAYS VERIFY changes in payment instructions and confirm requests for transfer of funds.

BE SUSPICIOUS of requests for secrecy or pressure to act quickly.


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